Voice & Data Network Infrastructure

Just one office? Or a couple of small ones scattered across a metro-area or even in neighboring states? It doesn't matter. Wether you have one office or several, each on is going to have end-users who will need to communicate with one another either over the phone or through their computer using email or by swapping files. To allow everyone to work together you must provide a cohesive network that allows them to do their jobs effectively.

We can help you. As your partner, we will help you find and apply the correct technology to meet the needs of your business. It could be in the form of data protection (e.g. backup/restore, firewalls, disaster recovery plan) or even relocation planning and administration.

Our service offerings include

  • Computer network administration
  • Firewalls and anti-virus tools
  • Remote access (dial-up and Internet-based VPN)
  • Fax and phone solutions
  • Relocation planning and support
  • Software assessment and selection
  • Hardware and software acquisition services
  • Setup and configuration
  • Implementation assistance
  • Asset management

Does your business need a custom application developed? Do your employees need IT support? We can help.

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